A blog post from the hammock

I realize it’s entirely possible that virtually no one will read this post. I have been a very bad blogger recently, and wouldn’t be surprised if most people have given up on it. I would dearly love to be writing more, but just never seem to find the time.

I blame two things — one being my new(ish) job as the Globe and Mail’s online Communities Editor, which has sucked up a lot of my free time, and the other being Twitter, which makes it so seductively easy to post quick thoughts rather than taking the time to think about and write a longer post.

As I lie here in the hammock at the family cottage up in the Ottawa Valley, I would like to think that some day I will be able to get back to writing more regularly (other than the posts I’ve been doing for the Nieman Journalism blog, which have also been few and far between lately). But I can’t promise anything.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow me on Twitter (I’m @mathewi) and start up a conversation about new media, technology, journalism or pretty much anything else.

13 thoughts on “A blog post from the hammock

  1. Mathew,

    Don't worry. We're still reading. I know how you feel. My blogs has slowed to a crawl this summer mainly because I'm relaxing and enjoying myself. There will be time for more deep thoughts come the chill weather of fall. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Seriously Mathew. There are so few trained and experienced writers in the blogosphere. Since you actually are one, you should blog more. Then again, who can argue with that hammock. Looks blissful. Isn't Ontario wonderful in the summer?

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  4. Well the cat is looking pretty content. Good place to right a blog from, but as anyone with a busy life knows it can be hard to stay on top of things, especially with all this new media cropping up. Just about to try twitter out myself actually, but know how you feel about finding time to write. Always good to just do nothing in your spare time though and like the cat just get in some hammock time!

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