YouTube: The hits just keep on coming

Just yesterday, it was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer that signed a deal with YouTube, allowing the video site to run full-length versions of movies (although the initial selection was somewhat less than stellar). Today, the site announced a deal with Freemantle Productions, the creators of the American Idol reality-show franchise, that will see the production company create a channel for all of its existing shows, but also a new channel for exclusive content that it will create specifically for YouTube.

Soon, YouTube will be carrying ad-supported TV shows from CBS, clips from LionsGate movies with pre-rolls and post-rolls, full-length movies from MGM and exclusive content from one of the world’s leading reality-show producers. Not bad for a site that started with video clips of funny cats and skateboard pratfalls, and is still considered by some to be a kind of trailer-park ghetto of video (yes, Mark Cuban, we’re looking at you). With adding plenty of mainstream content too, the competition in online video definitely seems to be heating up.

7 thoughts on “YouTube: The hits just keep on coming

  1. This may eventually become a good move for Google, but it will take time to bear fruit. As Hulu demonstrated, the online video world has a lot to do with content. American Gladiator and some movie clips are hardly the things to draw the largest crowds.

    However, if they can work American Idol well (taking advantage of the comment feature to facilitate voting, for instance), that could be the real launch of YouTube's commercial success.

    It'll be interesting to watch the news and see if YouTube can catch up with the profitability potential of Hulu, Veoh, Newsy, and other sites that are already attracting advertising revenue.

  2. I hope they do start running TV shows. I live in Thailand now, one of the things I miss about the US, other than the food and sports are some of the Sit-coms. We get satellite TV but not to many Sit-coms on it.

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