Filmmaker Brett Gaylor has created what he calls an “open-source documentary” called RIP: A Remix Manifesto. It’s about the importance of mashups and the remix culture, and includes interviews with and footage of mashup DJ Gregg “Girl Talk” Gillis (and his parents, as far as I can tell from the clip), as well as Cory Doctorow, copyright expert Lawrence Lessig and Jammie Thomas, the mother who became a kind of sacrificial lamb in the record industry’s war on peer-to-peer downloading. In the spirit of the movie’s subject, the filmmaker has made some of his footage available for others to remix as they wish. The film premieres in Montreal this week. Hat tip to the CBC’s Jesse Brown for the link.

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  1. […] filme está finalmente concluído e estreou esta semana em algumas salas de cinema de Montreal. Entretanto, Gaylor decidiu mudar o título para A Remix […]

  2. […] true to form, Lessig will soon release a copy of the book online for remixing purposes. And, as Mathew Ingram tells us, today an “open source documentary about copyright and culture” called RiP: A Remix Manifesto is […]

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