On a hunch, I would have to say the answer is probably no — headlines about the Apple developer event and speculation about what might be announced already fill up a third of a page or so at Techmeme, and Steve Jobs hasn’t even taken the stage yet. The TechCrunch gang started their live-blogging with a video of them getting lost on their way to the Moscone Center (hey, Mike — eyes on the road, buddy), and Jason Chen at Gizmodo seems to have gone a little loopy already because of the smell in the center, which he describes as “like a San Francisco bus smell”:

“a mixture of sweat, urine, desperation, more urine, just a little feces, saliva, Apple fever, bald dudes, a cupful more of urine, and urine.”

If you just can’t survive without a constant stream of Apple-related news and commentary, then the Scobleizer has some links he thinks you should hit and VentureBeat writer MG Siegler of ParisLemon has set up a FriendFeed room for live-streaming the keynote. Or you can always try out some Twitter-based tools as well, for that “totally immersed” feeling: Summize is tracking Apple-related terms (Warning: I left the site for about two minutes, and when I came back it said there were 763 new results). The excellent site Twistori is also tracking mentions of Apple and related words in (close to) real time. Namaste.

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10 Responses to “Any point in *not* writing about Apple?”
  1. But wouldn't it be fun if Microsoft or Google sneaked out something today in an attempt to upstage Apple?

    Unlikely to happen, but fun to ponder.

  2. Where are you following the news? TechCrunch was doing a great job but now appears down – at least to me in Oregon?

  3. for 99% of the bloggers out there I don't imagine there is really any point in posting anything due to the Apple noise – call it a blogger's long weekend.


  4. I like how you climbed on the Apple bandwagon by trying to stay off the bandwagon. Sort of like writing a post about the demise of comments in which you hope that people will leave comments. :)

  5. The Gizmodans may fear the kind of retaliation they could expect from the Apple faithful worshipping at the iPhone MacAlters. They would beat and then bury the pranksters with a pile of GSIIs, Nexts and old iPhone carcasses, then cover their tracks with Qik videos from other locations.

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