Has OmniDrive joined the deadpool?

One of a number of cheap online storage services — a group that includes Carbonite, Mozy and JungleDisk (which uses Amazon’s S3 storage system) — Omnidrive.com appears to be having significant problems, and according to some reports may be heading for the deadpool. Some users are reporting that they haven’t been able to access the service, and both the website and the official support forum site produce a 404 error. So does the blog of founder and CEO Nik Cubrilovic.

Read/Write Web wrote about the speculation in mid-December (I somehow missed it), and Cubrilovic responded that everything was fine — and not just fine, but great. The company was not only profitable but had gotten more funding, he said, and was coming out with a new release soon. Then the former chief technology officer for OmniDrive responded to the Read/Write post, however — and said exactly the opposite.

Not only did the former CTO say that the company had gone dark — “There is no one working at Omnidrive today. No one is supporting the customers. No one is developing version 1.0. The Wollongong and Sydney offices have been vacated” — but he said he hadn’t been paid for the work he did between April and August, and that he believed the money the company claimed to have probably never existed.

On the surface, this sounds a lot like the story of Sam Sethi and Blognation. I’ve sent Nik an email to see if he can tell me what’s going on. If anyone else knows anything, let me know in the comments. Regardless of what’s going on with Omnidrive, it’s wise to think about the possible downside of storing data in “the cloud,” as Webware notes.


A reader named Charlie says in the comments that he was able to login to Omnidrive, so the service itself seems to be operating, even if the website and support forums aren’t. And Simon East notes in a later comment that the website and forums are now back up — with a note from Nik saying there was a server outage and it took some time to get the site back up, but the service itself was never offline. No response to my email yet though.

21 thoughts on “Has OmniDrive joined the deadpool?

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  3. Rule no 1 of the blogosphere: don’t piss off Arrington. He is on the board of Omnidrive as an investor and so you might like to pull this story before he starts targeting you. You are either his friend or foe, there is no grey line.

    Unlike Sethi, Arrington likes Nik and so strangely he won’t write this story up, print confidential emails and he would probably appreciate if others didn’t big it up either.

  4. Arrington and Riley really need to come clean on this one. Both these two are investors in Omnidrive and both write on the successes and failings of technology companies. Why the silence? What is there to hide?

    It’s one thing for a startup to fail, it’s another to rip of your employees and customers.

  5. For clarity none of the editors of blognation were employees. We were all independent suppliers.

  6. I bet this story won’t make Techmeme either as Gabe is in the ” I love Arrington Gang”

  7. Sam Sethi: I’m assuming here that most of the recent comments under different names are from you, like on the RWW post.
    Please stop saying this crap about me on blogs, it’s false and doesn’t help anyone. BTW, Techmeme, while featuring TC prominently, also frequently serves as a kind of anti-Arrington clearinghouse. I recall it spotlighting on of your attack posts in fact…

  8. Simon East
    I’m not an investor in Omnidrive so I have nothing to hide or no hidden agenda.

    I heard from Nik about a week ago (note after I’d contacted him after the deadpool rumors surfaced) who told me he was experiencing some issues with the web site however they’d hired some new staff and that their focus was keeping the service itself up (which I believe in the most it has been, even if the website is down). That’s all I know, there’s not a post in that because as far as I know Omnidrive has issues, but its not deadpool time and the core service would seem to be unaffected. If I hear more or discover more that would support a different call on it story wise you’ll read about it on TC

    • Duncan,

      I don’t know how you can say core service has been unaffected. The forums have many reports of users who are unable to upload. The “0 bytes” error has been occurring for many for weeks now. I have not been able to upload to my account in over a month. Granted I finally got my refund a week or so ago, after weeks of constant emails to support that went unanswered. So I guess now that I have my money back, and no longer use the service (since I still cannot upload) then I guess I cannot complain. But no articles on Techcrunch about this? If you cannot upload, and essentially use the service… and support does not respond to your requests until weeks after… and the website goes down. I don’t know, but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

  9. Not me Gabe, I only saw this because of my name check via Google alerts. If I have something to say I am happy to do so under my own name but I agree it is odd how this story did not make Techmeme given the widespread coverage of RWW and MI on Techmeme via your algorithm for everything else?

  10. Duncan – TC did delete 2 comments that I made on other “Deadpool” posts asking for a clarification. Care to comment?

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