Last words have a certain poetic appeal, if only because we imagine them being uttered by the deceased with his or her last breath. But what if you could write your final thoughts in the form of a letter to the world, to be published after your death? That’s exactly what military blogger Andrew Olmsted did, and that post is now up on his blog. It’s like a monologue delivered by a ghost, with all of the witticisms and interjections of a normal blog post — plus a few too many quotes from Babylon 5 for my liking — but the added gravitas of a eulogy. Poetic? Perhaps. Certainly fascinating. There are also some comments from Andrew’s friends and family on one of his last pieces for the Rocky Mountain News.

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  1. Bad link to Andrews blog 403

  2. OK I'll venture a guess. I'm in Taiwan, so blog is probably blocking Asian IP's out of fear of spam?? Oh well…

  3. Olmsted. Not “Olmstead.”

  4. Olmsted. Not “Olmstead.”

  5. Oops. Thanks, Gary. Fixed.

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