Tay Zonday, HotForWords — and you?

YouTube is reaching out to all the Tay Zondays and Marina “HotForWords” video artists out there, inviting them to apply to become “partners” in the video-sharing site’s network. Until recently, only corporate content suppliers could be partners — meaning they shared in the video revenue the site brought in from ads and so on. In May, however, YouTube made some of its most-popular content providers partners, including HappySlip (whose videos I highly recommend), Smosh and others.

Now the site says that it is opening up the partner program to anyone — in Canada or the United States — who thinks their content is good enough to become a partner, and YouTube has turned Tay Zonday and HotForWords into partners, along with acts such as Pete and Brian. The latter only have about 7,500 subscribers and 185,000 channel views (compared with Tay, who has about 21,000 subscribers and over 1.7 million channel views). You can do better than that, can’t you?

For your entertainment, I’ve embedded one of the latest videos from HappySlip below. Click here if you’re reading this via RSS.

3 thoughts on “Tay Zonday, HotForWords — and you?

  1. You recommend this Happy Slip woman? I hope you are kidding. She seems to be as famously untalented as everyone else mentioned in that post. There is absolutely nothing interesting or entertaining going on there. What is wrong with people nowadays? They have such low expectations when it comes to TV and like this You Tube crap.

    • Maybe my standards are a lot lower, but I thought she was charming.
      I'm not saying she should be on Saturday Night Live or anything, but
      she was at least as good as Amanda Congdon was on Rocketboom.

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