Not that Internet van, the other one

by Mathew on November 8, 2007 · 1 comment

9247846_5b6fc17628.jpgI have to say, when I saw the headlines on Techmeme about the “Internet van” that made history, I thought for a minute that they were all talking about the infamous Telstar Logistics van — but as it turns out, they were just talking about some old bread-delivery van that Vint Cerf and a bunch of the guys who developed the early Internet used to test some of their research. I think the Telstar van is almost as interesting. There’s more info here and here, but if you’re too lazy to follow the links I will sum up: Telstar is the company that Todd Lappin — a writer for Wired, and (until recently) Business 2.0 magazine — invented years ago so that he could get what amounts to free parking. Brilliant idea. Todd, if you have any I would love a Telstar Logistics golf shirt.
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