I was going to post some of my notes from the Microsoft/Facebook conference call, and then I decided to search the blogosphere first, and decided that my notes aren’t really going to bring anything to the table. I already knew that Allen Stern of Centernetworks was live-blogging, because I saw his Twitter updates — which he wanted to post to his blog but couldn’t — and then later I came across Mike Arrington’s live notes from the call as well.

On top of that, there are some pretty good notes at the Seattle Times, at PaidContent and by Adam Ostrow at Mashable, and my pal Om Malik did some as well. It seems as though any competitive advantage that listening to conference calls might once have provided is pretty much gone now :-) I would echo the points made by Rafat and others: the call contained virtually nothing of any substance, and in fact no direct answers whatsoever. Lots of “win-win-win”-type talk from Kevin Johnson of Microsoft though, who really needs to stop yelling.

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  1. Indeed, virtually no substance on the call. I was going to do a summary afterwards, but then realized I had very little to add that the initial coverage didn’t already address. Smart move letting a bunch of us publish some not-so-valuable notes instead of you :-)

  2. Thanks, Adam :-)

  3. Thanks for the link Mathew :)

    There were a few interesting points to me – if I get enough energy I will write a post about them but frankly I am 2 minutes from falling asleep in this computer chair.

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