Facebook: Dave Winer brings the hate

In a recent post — entitled “Why Facebook sucks” — Dave Winer slams the social network for being too closed, and for “getting in between me and my address book,” as he puts it. Not surprisingly, this has sparked a series of posts, including one from Randy Holloway entitled (you had to know this was coming) “Why Dave Winer sucks.” Stowe Boyd took issue with Dave’s comments — in what I thought was a fairly reasonable manner — only to have Dave post via twitter (I refuse to say he “tweeted” or whatever I’m supposed to say) that Stowe was “a creep” and “an idiot.”

As usual, Dave has managed to turn something that could have been a worthwhile discussion about concepts and ideas into something personal. Why? Who knows. It’s just something he does. Not that long ago, he did it with Jason Calacanis, and he has done it with numerous others. It reminds me of the old story about the scorpion convincing the frog to carry him across the pond, and then stinging him at the last minute, causing them both to drown. And when the frog asks why, the scorpion says: “I couldn’t help it — it’s my nature.”

Steve is right to use a pic of kids playing in a sandbox to illustrate his post about the whole affair. As for Dave’s complaints, it’s all well and good to talk about Facebook as a roach motel or a closed system or the new AOL or whatever (something I’ve expressed doubts about in the past), but as Brandon and Stowe himself have pointed out, address book data isn’t trapped as Dave makes it out to be, thanks to Facebook’s API. Nice try, Dave.

10 thoughts on “Facebook: Dave Winer brings the hate

  1. The Internet doesn’t reward manners. Traffic flows to the latest online train wreck. It seems Dave W. feels he has to savage somebody every second or third week, in order to get a bit of attention. And it works every time…

  2. He said it sucked and explained why, so what?

    Dave expressing his opinions has brought on a lot of vibrant discussion. Vibrant discussion often results in progress.

    Irregardless of whether you agree with Dave on anything I’d hate to see the net become a politically correct only place.

  3. That’s fine, Kevin — although the case he used to justify his opinion is wrong, and he lashed out at Stowe Boyd with an ad hominem attack for no reason. Oh, and “irregardless” isn’t a word.

  4. I am starting to get qutie tired of BLOGGERS BEHAVING BADLY and getting away with it. This is another fine example of how some of these more popular bloggers can turn their popularity in hopes of becoming celebrities.

    In other words, he is really letting it all get to his head and giving bloggers a bad name.

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