Peng Shulin was cut in half after getting run over by a truck in 1995, and lost the lower half of his body. Doctors did skin grafts to seal up his torso, but he has been bed-ridden for years — until now. Scientists at the Chinese Rehabilitation Research Center created a kind of plastic housing for his torso that is fitted with two bionic legs (and some cool Adidas shoes as well, apparently), and he has been using the device with a modified walker. I wonder if Johnny Eck would have liked something similar — probably not.


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7 Responses to “A shorter version of The Bionic Man”
  1. haha wa n loser

  2. haha wan loser

  3. i think that's great. people who have things happen to them like this and stay strong are a big inspiration to me. it makes me realize all that I have to be greatful for. it takes a very strong person to lose so much and stay strong. Johnny Eck who born with only half of a body lived to be a very old man and his life was full of accomplishments and he was also a very handsome man I might add.

  4. what a sadness

  5. Jij bent echt een eikel heh

  6. horrible i feel bad!

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