Google and eBay — catfight, 90210-style

by Mathew on June 14, 2007 · 6 comments

Google: “Hey girlfriend, I know you’re having a party on Wednesday, but I’m having a little bash thingy of my own that night — hope that doesn’t stress you out or anything. Love you — bye!”

eBay: “Excuse me, but WTF? You knew I was going to have that party for months, and so you planned yours the same night? How about you give me back that dress and nail-polish you borrowed then — hope that doesn’t stress you out or anything, beyotch.”

Google: “Hey, what’s with the attitude? You know we’re BFFs, right? I can totally call off the party. No biggie.”

(Apologies for the crudely rendered teenaged girl chat-speak — I’ve done a little freelance anthropological research involving the two I have at home, but I’m still unfamiliar with the species)

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