mesh video: Jim Buckmaster and Mark Evans

by Mathew on June 9, 2007

If you attended mesh 2007 a week or so ago, the keynote conversation between my friend and fellow mesh organizer Mark Evans and craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster was likely on your list of highlights — I know it was for me, and I think it probably was for Mark too.

snipshot_e417n5s9gxaq.jpgI wrote an earlier post about it, in which I mentioned how funny Jim was (in a very laid-back and understated kind of way) and how much insight he provided into the way that craigslist operates. Now there is some high-quality video of the entire keynote up at, thanks to the hard work of Greg Philpott and his team, and also to the fine editing work of Mark McKay, who also filmed mesh himself (and was the winner of our mesh video award for this clip).

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