Feedburner absorbed by the Googleplex


snipshot_e4ois186ous.jpgAccording to Mike over at TechCrunch — confirming a rumour originally reported by Sam Sethi, ex- of TechCrunch UK — Google is close to acquiring Feedburner for $100-million. If true, this is a deal that makes sense to me, as it does to my friend Tony Hung from Deep Jive Interests and to Ash from Watchmojo. Feedburner is a great service with tons of useful features — many of which will no doubt plug in nicely to Google’s Analytics and other website tools — and so it’s no surprise that someone like Google would want them, even at what amounts to a 10-times revenue multiple, according to Ash. Valleywag also had the rumour, and the price tag, in a post last week.


Geek News Central seems to think that we should be afraid of Google owning Feedburner, but fails to make a convincing argument that we should be any more concerned about Google than we are about our ISPs knowing which websites we go to. Ashkan from Watchmojo also seems to think the deal is something we should be worried about, but I don’t see it. Alarm:clock has a look at the synergies for Google.

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  1. Karoli wrote::

    I’ve been listening to Todd Cochrane’s podcasts for nearly 2 years now and ownership of his RSS feed has always been a huge issue for him, whether it’s Feedburner or scrapers, so it doesn’t surprise me to discover that he’s negative about Google acquiring Feedburner.

    However, I have some concerns about this acquisition too, though not necessarily for the same reasons as Todd. After all, Google could certainly discover subscription and reading trends from my use of Google Reader, regardless of the Feedburner stats, so I’m not sure I understand the concerns Todd and others have expressed.

    More fundamentally, though — I’m not sure I want to give Google control of my RSS feed. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give Feedburner control, much less Google. They already have my email and RSS reader allegiances — I’m a believer in diversification. Last year I had an issue with a hacker that caused Google to add me to their ‘rogue’s gallery’. Even though I fixed the problem (and hammered my host for their crappy security on the server), it took a week for them to give me my GMail account back and another month before they’d reindex my site. I’m not a big fan of Google slaps, and have enough paranoia in me to wonder whether my feed could be blocked or otherwise misused in the hands of the almighty algorithm.

    So we’ll see what they do with it. I don’t believe Google is evil, but I don’t feel like handing my online life over to them in its entirety ether.

    Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 3:43 am #