Gabe Rivera — creator of Techmeme, the site bloggers love and/or hate (depending on whether they are on it or not — keeps his cards pretty close to his chest when it comes to the site and how it functions. And he doesn’t exactly spill the beans in a surprise interview with But it’s still interesting to see and hear him discuss how it works. He also hints about doing some hiring, and possibly launching some new Techmeme spinoffs.


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3 Responses to “Gabe “Techmeme” Rivera speaks”
  1. I literally email him and say that he’d make a good interview and then 10 minutes later you post this, are you reading my mind?

  2. Yes :-)

  3. Mathew, wondering if Techmeme works. Well although I’m a Globe & Mail reader I only found your blog because I followed a link off Techmeme earlier today (in relation to the Myspace story). So it works!

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