Techmeme cleans up your language

Has anyone else noticed that all of the headlines in the Techmeme blog swarm about Mike Arrington’s great April Fool’s Day post (which I wrote about — along with some other recent pranks — here) have been edited to insert asterisks in the name FuckedCompany? I didn’t really notice until late yesterday, and then realized that it wasn’t just the main headline with Mike’s post, but every subsequent link as well.

What’s up with that, Gabe? Surely we are all adults, and can tolerate the use of that great old Anglo-Saxon word, no? Unless has a large readership among the kindergarten set that I don’t know about. After all, it’s not as though everyone doesn’t know what those two asterisks stand for. Or is there some other Google-search related reason — do headlines with expletives get marked differently by the algorithm?


3 thoughts on “Techmeme cleans up your language

  1. Well, surely we’re not all adults, in a literal sense anyway. Though it’s not really about “the children” for me.

    The asterisks basically help to prevent making certain people irate. (Yes, I do get emails about dirty words.) Because they’re not really obscuring the words, as you pointed out, there’s not a huge downside to this, in fact some see it as a fun sort of “accent”. (I think the South Park creators commented once on the upside of bleeping.)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Gabe. I appreciate you taking the time to describe your thinking on this.

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