Loren Feldman passes the mesh test

As my friend and fellow mesh organizer Mark Evans notes over here, New York’s video-blogging ninja master Loren Feldman of 1938media is coming to mesh — although as Loren mentions on his blog, we had to accede to a rather long list of demands before he would agree to grace us with his presence.

For any of you not familiar with Loren, his video blogging usually involves a stark, in-your-face, blunt assessment of someone’s shortcomings, something the British refer to as “taking the piss” and New Yorkers refer to as “talking.” A prime recent example was the clip below about Jeff Jarvis, which is right on that fine line between cruel and hilarious — territory that Loren pretty much owns.

Although he is part of Podtech now, like Robert Scoble, that hasn’t stopped Loren from taking shots at the Scobleizer, or at Jason Calacanis, or pretty much anyone else for that matter. If you know Ze Frank at all, just think of Loren as the anti-Ze — or like Ze with a five-day growth of beard (and occasionally without a shirt) and a really bad hangover.

One thought on “Loren Feldman passes the mesh test

  1. I saw that clip and the one on Kathy Sierra. It just seemed like one of the comments that you see on a lot of posts, “a me too” comment. Only in this case its a slick video post on his own website and a bit nasty.

    If he doesn’t add any new insight to his posts, 1938media is irrelevant.

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