Okay, I want one — are you happy now?

by Mathew on January 9, 2007 · 12 comments

Okay, okay, okay. Damn you, Steve Jobs. Yes, I want an iPhone — even though it costs more than a brand new computer would cost, and even though I probably won’t be able to get one in Canada until 2015, and even though I will have to sign up for a 10-year contract to even be able to afford it in the first place, and even though it doesn’t have 3G (although it likely will, as Luca points out here), and even though I will likely have to pay my remaining arm and leg for monthly data charges, I still want one.


Why? Because it is just so unbelievably cool. The full-length touchscreen. The multi-touch gestures. The full-featured browser. The 8 gigs of storage and iTunes support. The smart orientation sensing and automatic call-volume control. I could go on, but it’s too painful. I know, the touchscreen is a question mark — will it be slippery when typing? And that sleek shape is going to get all greasy and fingerprinted, just like the iPod does. But it just doesn’t matter.

Damn you, Steve Jobs.

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  • http://www.deepjiveinterests.com Tony

    Actually, what i’m interested in is what tying on it will actually feel like as there are no keys and its all touch screen and gestures. Will it be sensitive enough? Will it be too sensitive? Will getting the keys to recognize key strokes be accurate enough if you have large meaty paws?

    Hey, its probably going to be fine, but I think there will be just a little bit of schadenfreude if it turns out that all of the juicy deliciousness is an ergonomic and user-interface nightmare.


  • http://engtech.wordpress.com engtech

    It just hit me. Steve Jobs doesn’t have finger prints.

    All of a sudden everything makes sense.

  • http://andybeard.eu/ Andy Beard

    If you are lucky Apple will send bloggers samples of the phone to be reviewed.

    Hmm, damn, lots of bloggers have already killed that gig after Microsoft’s attempt.

  • http://www.robhyndman.com Rob Hyndman

    David Pogue had a brief hands-on and says typing on it was “difficult” (though he says that by the end of the short session the predictive typing was 100% accurate). And Gartenberg notes, among other shortcomings, that there’s no support for Office documents (and what about pdfs?).

    Beautiful device, but these two things taken together would be a real problem for me ….

    Sigh …

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  • Mathew Ingram

    Engtech, that was hilarious — I laughed out loud :-)

  • http://lucafiligheddu.blogspot.com luca
  • Mathew Ingram

    Thanks, Luca. I guess I should have said no 3G right now :-)

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