Well, this is just sad. I’m a big Google fan, and whenever people at Yahoo start to whine and moan about Google getting press for things that Yahoo already has (*cough* Google Finance *cough*) I always stick up for the poor billionaires at the Googleplex. But Jeremy Zawodny has a pretty blatant example of the Googlers ripping off a Yahoo ad campaign — for the release of a branded version of the Internet Explorer 7 browser. Here’s Google’s version:

google ie7.jpg

And here’s the Yahoo version from back when IE 7 first launched:

yahoo ie7.jpg

That’s just sad. And while some commenters have tried to argue that Microsoft provided the template for the ads and therefore they look the same, it appears that Yahoo created the page themselves, and that the HTML code behind the two is completely different (Google’s apparently sucks). Lame, lame, lame.

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4 Responses to “Google marketing picks Yahoo’s pocket”
  1. Google marketing picks Yahoo’s pocket via Mathew Ingram: mathewingram.com/work December 12th, 2006 at 01:35

  2. I apologized to the Yahoo! UI designer here:

  3. Thanks, Matt — and I see you included a comeback as well. Nice :-)

  4. […] It seems that, when they came to designing an IE7 promo page, Google couldn’t be bothered to start from scratch, and produced a page that looks remarkably similar to Yahoo’s. Both Yahoo and Google have produced personalized versions of the new Internet Explorer 7 browser – Matthew Ingram has the screenshots. […]

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