Hey Thumbstacks — you’re next in line

So Google now has a wiki service to add to its online document, spreadsheet, calendar and email suite. JotSpot, the wiki-maker founded several years ago by Excite co-founder Joe Kraus, has been absorbed by the Borg and is now part of the Googleplex (incidentally, I think it makes much more sense for the Borg to be all about free candy and scooters and video games rather than the creepy robots in S&M outfits — but hey, that’s just me).


To me, it makes perfect sense for Google to offer a wiki engine for anyone wanting a Web Office suite — I think a good wiki (put to good use) is potentially a bigger game-changer for a corporation than just about anything else, especially online spreadsheets or email, or even instant messaging. And I think JotSpot is pretty good, although I’m a big fan of both Socialtext and Wetpaint.com. Ross Mayfield of Socialtext has posted his reaction here.

Now all Google is missing is a presentation engine. You ready to get the call up to the big leagues, Thumbstacks? Or maybe Google wants something that is more along the Web conference line — in which case, I would recommend Vyew.com. Steve Newson has a pretty good roundup of the other contenders here.

2 thoughts on “Hey Thumbstacks — you’re next in line

  1. Hi Matthew,

    You might be interested in my look at the state of web based powerpointing a couple of weeks ago:


    Thanks for the tip about Vyew – I’ve been looking at that this morning and so far mightlily impressed. I’ve tried Webex and GoToMeeting in the past and of the two was a fan of the latter but they are both costly if you only want to use occasionally. The fact that Vyew intends to provide core functionality for free on an ongiong basis is a big attraction for me.

    Now I just need my wife to get out of bed this morning so I can try out the online collaboration!

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