Scrybe looks pretty good — so far

Like several other bloggers, I got an email from Scrybe co-founder Shehryar Hydri pointing me to his company’s website, where there is a video demo of the Web 2.0 organizing tool, which is in beta. But I decided not to write about it, and I wanted to say why (obviously I know that I’m writing about it anyway, but bear with me).


Like many others, including Alec Saunders and Jason Clarke at Download Squad, I think Scrybe looks great — especially the online/offline synchronization, which could come in very handy. And the option to print things out on easily foldable cards is also kind of cool for a Web app.

At the same time though, I’m leery of giving too much attention to a startup that only has a video clip to go by. Without having laid hands on it myself and played around with it (Shehryar said beta accounts would be coming soon), it sounds a little hype-ish to be saying how great this new tool is. Could it be great? Sure. But I’d rather see it in person before I start salivating.

9 thoughts on “Scrybe looks pretty good — so far

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. I came at this from a slightly different angle – that a flashy interface isn’t a substitute for process – but I share the sentiment that salivating over the product before it’s even available to try is a bit premature.

  3. I would agree, Steve. The interface definitely looks cool, but there’s a lot more to a successful product than that.

  4. And I thought you asked some good questions too, Alec — like will it integrate with email and if so how, will it have an open API, etc.

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  6. I agree — I can’t believe the hype this got yesterday when all we’re going on is not even a demo, but a video clip!

    I say, send out an alpha release like those Paint.NET guys so we can really sink our teeth into it.

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