Who killed Dead 2.0? It’s a mystery

I know the blogosphere has a short memory (except for Dave Winer, of course) but does anyone here remember Dead 2.0, that skeptical blog written by an anonymous guy who went by the name The Skeptic? He took potshots at various bubble companies and A-listers such as Mike Arrington at TechCrunch, and subjected new Web 2.0 services to the “Ask Skeptic’s Mom” test.

Then Nik Cubrilovic, who is the CEO at Omnidrive but also a friend of Mike’s, wrote a post in which he said that with only a few minutes worth of work he had identified The Skeptic as a senior executive at a technology company. The Skeptic posted a single post after that, as far as I can recall — in which he asked people whether they thought he should be “outed.”

When I checked it, the overwhelming majority said that they thought it didn’t matter who he was, a view I agreed with along with others, including my friend and fellow tech journalist Mark Evans. Well, for the past few days The Skeptic’s blog has returned a 509 error — bandwidth limit exceeded. Did Dead 2.0 just become too popular for The Skeptic’s limited hosting service, or did he decide to drop it? Or did his company make him stop?

The mystery continues.

11 thoughts on “Who killed Dead 2.0? It’s a mystery

  1. I thought that Cubrilovic did a shabby and self-indulgent thing, and his justifications sounded childish to me. A real disappointment. I liked Dead’s voice and he spoke truth. Shame.

  2. I too was a fan and agree with Rob’s post. I very much hope it’s bandwidth.

    Note that the dead20 ‘about’ page always said it was a multiauthored blog, which only deepens the mystery, of course…

  3. For the most part, dead2.0 was my favorite daily read – but you have to admit, he started getting a little softer towards the “end” – if it is the end. I hope he comes back online, maybe everyone should paypal him $10 to help him increase his bandwidth allowance…or maybe it is a fake error message? I dont know – with an almost all text site, I find it hard to believe that he ran out of bandwidth…anyway, I miss dead2.0.

  4. Was an all right site, he did get a bit soft, but I think that’s only natural. I’m wondering if he’ll take this as an opportunity to disappear after his semi-outing.

    I’d rather he stuck around, Web 2.0 anti-hypers like me always could use a good site like that. But, I’ve gotta take issue with one of his recent commenters, who thanked him for having the first such anti-web 2.0 — they missed a good one with the old Go Flock Yourself (flocksucks).

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