FreshBooks gets some props

Anyone who followed the development of mesh, the Web 2.0 conference (sorry O’Reilly) that I helped organize back in May, will know that one of my fellow organizers was a guy named Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of a company that was then called SecondSite — Mike’s connections within the Web startup and DemoCamp scene in Toronto and elsewhere really helped us get some grassroots support for mesh, which was invaluable. Plus he’s a really nice guy, which always helps 🙂

Around the same time as mesh was taking shape, Mike’s company was re-branding itself as FreshBooks (something he announced at mesh) and adding some new features to what was already a pretty killer product — an Web-based invoicing system for small and medium-sized businesses that is dead simple to use. It’s nice to see that the hard work Mike and his team have put in over the past little while has gotten some recognition from TechCrunch, which profiled the company on Wednesday.

Congrats, Mike.

One thought on “FreshBooks gets some props

  1. Thank you for the props Mathew, and the kind words.

    Looking forward to putting my mesh hat back on and serving up some more quality “Web 2.0 Conference” with you again soon. Giddyup.

    – Mike

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