Get ready for Google Laundry

Tony Ruscoe, a programmer who became famous (in the blogosphere at least) for discovering the Google Base domain before the search company launched it, was poking around in Google’s attic again and found some new potential services that Google seems to have waiting in the wings, including Google Real Estate, Google Guess, Google Events and Google Weaver. Here are some other services that Google, the company with attention deficit disorder (or is that “diversify at all costs” disorder?) is reportedly working on:

  • Google Laundry (email a request, clothes are shipped FedEx)
  • Google Shoe-Size Estimator (still in beta)
  • Google Change (send in your coins and get Google Checkout credits)
  • Google Calculator (with sine and cosine functions, naturally)
  • Google Lawn-Care (only available in San Francisco)
  • Google Timekeeper (a virtual desktop clock)
  • Google Therapy (a version of Alice the chat-bot)

Isn’t the Googleverse a wonderful place to live? On an unrelated note, how many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: Hey, let’s go ride bikes!

5 thoughts on “Get ready for Google Laundry

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  2. The real problem with Google throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks is the risk that people won’t take a new service seriously when it actually warrants it.

    Someone needs to tell Google that “release early and release often” only applies to start-ups and early stage companies that can’t afford to make a big budget bet and hedge by measuring reaction to a taste of what is to come.

    Apple is a great example of how mega companies should release new products. Steve Jobs keeps the world at bay and almost begging to buy his latest product before it is officially introduced.

    Most new Google services provoke little more than a yawn and that is sad…or perhaps further evidence that the Google boys really did fluke it out with paid search after watching GO TO and Overture introduce it first?


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