Has blogging jumped the shark?

I’m tempted to declare that blogging — once the domain only of Web geeks and teenaged girls — has officially jumped the shark, with the news (via Bloggers Blog) that a reference to blogging appeared in a Family Circus comic on Wednesday. In Dilbert, sure. In Archie, even. But Family Circus? That most boring and suburban of comics, renowned for recycling those same “Billy tries to get somewhere but gets distracted” comics every month?

Yes indeed — Billy’s sister is running a lemonade stand and tells the customers that Billy is her advertising manager, and he’s inside blogging about the business. I kid you not. So that’s it, folks. Time to wrap it up and move on to something else. Oh yes, and speaking of “jumping the shark,” that phrase has also officially jumped the shark, since the site that popularized it has been bought by TV Guide magazine. Is nothing sacred anymore?

family circus

6 thoughts on “Has blogging jumped the shark?

  1. hehehe…

    Mathew, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry – you may be right, the term is getting thrown around quite a bit. On the flip side today, I ran across what I’ll call arrogant ignorance regarding blogging “why would I want a blog in addition to a web site?” with the person refusing to even hear what a blog is for.


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  3. Actually, “Family Circus” is sometimes now written by the original cartoonist’s son, and you can often tell the difference – this was almost certainly one of those.

    But blogging has definitely transitioned, from “in-crowd” to “serious sucker bait”. Whether you want to call that “jumping the shark”, or “business opportunity”, is a matter of perspective.

  4. I will disagree and say we haven’t even hit the ramp yet, let along jump the shark. The term “blogging” is everywhere but my anecdotal research concludes most people don’t know what a blog is and most business people (non-tech business) don’t have a clue as to how to incorporate blogging.

    I firmly fit into the latter just a couple of months ago but undertook plenty of research + attending mesh to figure it out. Most of my peers haven’t made that jump.


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