Yes, it’s kind of a cruel joke, but…

I know it can’t have been easy being stuck in the glass elevator in Apple’s cool new store in New York, but since no one died in this tragic accident, I feel safe in making what I consider to be the obvious comparison with Apple “locking” people into iTunes via its use of DRM and a proprietary music format. I know, I know — I should grow up.

apple elevator

6 thoughts on “Yes, it’s kind of a cruel joke, but…

  1. What you should do is improve your accuracy. AAC isn’t a proprietary format any more than MP3 is, iPods play a wide range of audio formats, and customers are under no obligation to buy the iTunes Music Store’s DRM-locked music, which observably isn’t a deterrent for actual consumers.

    I assume you would prefer the Windows solution, which is in no way proprietary and involves no DRM?

  2. I’ll try to improve my accuracy if you try to improve your reading and comprehension, Joe. You’ll notice that I never said AAC was a proprietary format. The wrapper that Apple applies to it in order to ensure that the lock-in DRM works is proprietary, which is what I was referring to. And no, I don’t prefer the Windows solution — not sure why you would assume that. If someone got stuck in a glass elevator in the Microsoft store, I would likely post something very similar.

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