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If you’ve got a story pitch of some kind, the best way to reach me is to send an email to [email protected] The more detail you can give me about what you’re pitching, the better. Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter (@mathewi) as well as GTalk (mathewingram at gmail dot com) and Skype (mathewingram).

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  1. Dear Mathew Ingram, I am sure you have heard the sad news that the journalism festival in Perugia was cancelled. If you still want to come to Europe, we would like to invite you to our “Aufmacher”-evening in Vienna: This is a monthly discussion event which was inspired by the journalism festival in Perugia over two years ago. We wanted to create a space where journalists and people interested in media can exchange and inspire each other – today, we are a community of over 800 people and our best attended event drew a crowd of 130. The evenings always consist of a guest introducing his or her work and then we have an open discussion with the audience. Let me know if you would be interested in being our guest in April, and we could discuss the details then.
    Please let us know and all the best from Vienna!
    Bettina for the Aufmacher-team (we are five journalists who are staff members at Austria’s quality newspapers Der Standard, Wiener Zeitung, Falter and Austria’s Press Agency APA).

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