MSFT-YHOO: the Twitterverse edition

At Rob’s urging, I’ve put together some of the Twitter posts (no, I will not call them “tweets”) that came through my Twitter client this morning related to the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. Got any others? Email me.

@stuartma: Studebaker buys Edsel.

@rhh: if anything, we’re going to get an object lesson now in the true cost of strategic intransigence.

@pkedrosky: @kteare “if msft were to succeed”? if this deal doesn’t happen both company’s shareholders will beat them with sticks until it does.

@ev: My answer to reporter: Has putting two behemoths together ever, in the history of corporations, resulted in greatness?

@pkedrosky: @ev well, don’t forget The Traveling Wilburys. They merged and did some good stuff. Oooh, you mean public companies. Nevermind 😉

@davemc500hats: @ev: how about ebay+paypal. or Yahoo+Overture/Inktomi?

@ev: @davemc500hats good point. but both companies were way more focused than YHOO or MSN. also, not quite “behemoths” — although, perhaps YHOO doesn’t qualify either.

@rhh: By the time MSFT swallows YHOO, GOOG will not be the company it was trying to compete with. It’s going to spend too much time chewing.

@waxpancake: It’s like tying the Titanic to the iceberg. It’d keep you from sinking just long enough to freeze to death.

and from the rest of the Twitterverse (via Terraminds):

@pandapoo: OMG! Microsoft Just Bought Yahoo! which bought Flickr which now makes me a Microsoft user!? YUCK! I feel dirty.

@spdemac: If MS and Yahoo merge, their search will be know as “Microwho?”. Small, forgettable and unused.

@andymelton: Well, maybe Yahoo can teach Microsoft a thing or two. I just hope Flickr doesn’t get destroyed. I love Flickr.

@cageyjames: As long as Microsoft doesn’t touch Flickr, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Finance, I have no problems with them ripping Yahoo! apart.

@nep: I felt good about Flickr having my photos, OK about Yahoo having my photos, but bad about Microsoft having my photos.

@retrophisch: Microsoft acquiring Yahoo…this is a joke, right? RIGHT?!!?!?

@lgpiper: I bet Bill Gates uses Google. Can’t find crap with MS search. Yahoo isn’t much better. Suck + suck = Suck^2

@jimlindley: Microsoft and Yahoo, sitting in a tree – F A I L I N G. Microsoft is going to choke on Yahoo and die. I hope.

: highly skeptical of M$ being able to ‘get it’ via a Yahoo buy. @ev has it right.

@midasjohn: WARNING EVERYONE: Microsoft taking over Yahoo marks DOOMSDAY in many respects. You remember Dick Jones @ OCP ? [ed: RoboCop reference]

@zacechola: Yahoo accepts Microsoft offer, joins forces with Time Warner and entire recording industry: Forms League of Evil. Google readies laser guns.

@twoluvcats: true: “If Yahoo agrees to the deal with Microsoft, it will be a shotgun marriage, but it will be Google holding the shotgun.”

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