It’s better than good, it’s Twitterific

I’ve been noticing the same thing that Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang is writing about, namely, that Twitter usage seems to be increasing, and that it is also driving more activity elsewhere, including to my blog — in part, I think, because I automatically post new entries to my Twitter feed (which is here, in case anyone is interested).

More people seem to be following me, with new ones being added almost every day. I’ve also noticed more Twitter results showing up in Google News searches, although apparently this has been happening for some time now. Not only that, but when I scroll through the status updates from my Facebook friends, a surprising number of them say that so-and-so “is twittering…” and then what their message is.

This fits with my theory that Twitter is really just the Facebook status update separated from the site and living on its own. It seems that more and more people like that functionality — or maybe it’s just the geeks. David Armano of Critical Mass says it’s because Twitter is a “conversation ecosystem,” which is an interesting idea.

Paul Bradshaw has some lessons on how to use Twitter as a “micro-blog,” and my friend Paul Kedrosky — ever the iconoclast — says that it’s neither IM nor email nor Facebook status; it’s all those things and less. Scott Karp, meanwhile, explains why he has given it up.

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