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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I haven't died or given up blogging. I'm still in Florida, and the sunshine and beaches (combined with a lack of high-speed Internet) have caused a decline in blogging activity. Normal service should be resumed soon.
Just a quick note to let any regular readers know that blog posts could be intermittent over the next little while, as I am on the road for the next couple of days -- and following that I will be doing my best to take time away from the computer (I'm told it can be…

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Some of my more careful readers may have noticed that I haven't exactly been posting up a storm lately, and that's because I have been having waaaay too much fun offline -- touring around PEI with the family, relaxing by the shores of Bay Fortune, which looks like this: ... and have also been doing…
I'm on vacation again -- for the week -- and will be posting from time to time, but likely not with the same frequency. That's because I will be here: or watching something like this: or doing something like this:


You might think that this post isn't really work-related, since it involves pictures of my recent vacation in Florida, and therefore it shouldn't appear on a blog whose name includes the word "work" - but you would be wrong. Here's my excuse: I've played around a bit with Albert Lai's cool photo-sharing service, but…

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