Kara Swisher owns the Yahoo story

Or at least she does as far as Techmeme is concerned. She has been breaking elements of the Microsoft and Yahoo saga for awhile now, but this is the first time I’ve seen her name appear more than four times on Techmeme — as the lead item for the top cluster, then the lead item for two secondary clusters of links, and then as an item in the subsidiary links in two of those clusters (there’s another link below the bottom of the image which I didn’t have room to include). In any case, she has been owning this story pretty much from the get-go.

Click the image for a larger size, or click here (in the interests of full disclosure, I consider Kara a friend).

Facebook: Losing money, but so what?

My friend Kara Swisher at All Things D has some juicy details from a recent all-hands meeting at a theatre near Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. Apparently the shyness that Scoble remarked on when he met Mark Zuckerberg in Davos must have been a temporary thing, because it sounds like Marky Mark was more than happy to chatter about the dollars flowing through Facebook’s bank account.

Apparently the site is expecting to have revenue of about $150-million for last year, which was widely expected. But Mark said Facebook is looking for twice that this year, if not more. And he’s going to need all that revenue, because he also said capital expenditures are going to be about $200-million. For what? Maybe some more telephone operators to handle all the switchboard calls when they unveil the next Beacon. In any case, as Kara notes that will leave the site in the hole cash-flow wise.

But what does Mark care? He got $300-million or so from Microsoft and Li Ka-shing and people like that, and his company is valued at %15-billion, which means he’s worth a few billion at least. Good times.

Give Kara a boost at DonorsChoose

My friend Kara Swisher at All Things D needs a hand, so I told her I would reach out to my vast blog readership — are you listening, Mom? — in an attempt to help out. You see, Kara wants to have lunch with Yahoo co-founder and now CEO Jerry Yang. Actually, that’s not the real reason she needs a hand. The real reason is that she has set up a page at DonorsChoose.org, a Web 2.0 charity site that allows you to pick worthwhile school projects that need financing and then let others contribute to the cause.

front4.jpgApart from the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to finance educational materials and other projects for needy schools, the contestants in the blogger challenge get a chance at a number of awards from sponsors, including — you guessed it — lunch with Jerry Yang. Kara has set up a page with some projects in both San Francisco and Washington, D.C. and other leading bloggers have set up pages as well, including Fred Wilson and Lockhart Steele from Gawker Media.

The idea of Donors Choose — where individuals decide which worthy projects to fund, and then others can contribute, with each project and the financing thereof monitored by Donors Choose — reminds me of GiveMeaning.com, the site that Tom Williams started a couple of years ago now, which takes the same kind of approach to a whole range of different charitable efforts, from building soccer fields in Rwanda to building schools in Ethiopia.

At the moment, Kara’s competitive blood has to be boiling at the fact that Fred’s challenge is currently in the lead. Beating him would make lunch taste even sweeter, I bet 🙂 An earlier piece that Kara did about Donors Choose getting funded is here.


Kara has a video plea for donors up now. Check it out.