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I like Marc Andreessen a lot. I think he writes some deep and thoughtful posts at his blog, and as more than one person has pointed out, his analysis of the Microsoft-Yahoo brouhaha has been second to none (except maybe Kara Swisher at All Things Digital). And his latest post on dual-class shares is likewise…


As expected by just about everyone, Yahoo released fairly lacklustre


Apple knocks it out of the park

by Mathew on October 22, 2007

Like many people, I expected Apple's results for the latest quarter to be good -- after all, sales of the iPhone seem to be humming along (despite some early skepticism about the market's response), and Mac sales also seem to keep climbing. But I must admit that I didn't expect the company to blow the…

Google = lean, mean, cash machine

by Mathew on October 18, 2007

Even when you're expecting a pretty amazing financial performance -- as just about everyone (including me) was from Google's latest quarter -- it's still something to see a company that is firing on pretty well all cylinders and has a commanding share of the market it operates in. I expect that watching Microsoft in its…
VentureBeat has a post up about the stock-market value of Google's shares, and how it briefly eclipsed that of Cisco -- Silicon Valley's biggest and traditionally most highly valued company. Of course, earlier this year Cisco was worth substantially more, and could be again. But it's still fun to play the market-capitalization game. So Google…

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