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Hey Sony — wake up

by Mathew on November 14, 2005 · 1 comment

Here's a column I posted at about Sony's DRM rootkit fiasco: "For a company that has so much great technology behind it, including a number of firsts like the compact disc and the portable music player, Sony Corp. often seems to behave more like a dinosaur -- and a slow-moving, club-footed dinosaur at that.…

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Sony’s bait and switch

by Mathew on November 4, 2005

Princeton computer science professor Ed Felten writes about Sony's DRM "rootkit," which it installed without really telling you, and notes that the "patch" the company provides to remove the rootkit (which Sony claims is harmless) is "more than 3.5 megabytes in size, and appears to contain new versions of almost all the files included in…