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Google = lean, mean, cash machine

by Mathew on October 18, 2007

Even when you're expecting a pretty amazing financial performance -- as just about everyone (including me) was from Google's latest quarter -- it's still something to see a company that is firing on pretty well all cylinders and has a commanding share of the market it operates in. I expect that watching Microsoft in its…

Google to Yahoo — Nyah nyah

by Mathew on October 19, 2006 · 1 comment

Well, all the nervous hand-wringing about Yahoo's poor results and what they might mean for Google turns out to be unnecessary. The search behemoth turned in a stellar quarter that thrashed analysts' estimates fairly soundly, and there was no mention of any weakness in advertising (which Yahoo blamed for its 37-per-cent drop in profits). In…

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Google may be working on a version of the Ubuntu Linux OS, as reported by The Register, but maybe it should be spending a bit more time on a good accounting app -- it just missed Wall Street's estimates for both sales and profit for the latest quarter. The stock dropped by as much as…