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As the weekend approaches, blog posts could be few and far between, since I will again be somewhere (a different place this time) with spotty Web access. Blame the weather :-) And so once again I leave you to picture me here, or somewhere like it:

Light posting alert

by Mathew on June 30, 2007

Since I am at the Ingram family homestead in the wilderness of northern Ontario, where cellular service is spotty and Internet access is of the dial-up variety, posting will likely be light -- possibly even non-existent -- for the next couple of days. If you look at the picture below and concentrate really hard, you…
Just a quick administrative note to all of my devoted readers (hi Mom) that I am on vacation for the next week or so, and so blogging is likely to be erratic at best. In the meantime, please enjoy some photos I took last year when I was doing pretty much the same thing I…