mesh meetup: much fun had by all

I know, you’re probably kicking yourself for missing the latest mesh meetup — a social event aimed at poli-bloggers and various other hangers-on, fellow travelers, etc. that we had last night at the Charlotte Room. And so you should, because we had a great time without you 🙂

Liberal blogger Jason Cherniak showed up, as did Steve “Angry in the Great White North” Janke, and our good friend Andrew “call me Andrew” Coyne, who held court at the bar (as is his wont) until well into the evening.

We also had Mike “On the Attack” Brock– who has a new talk show called the Al and Mike Show — and many other luminaries, including Saleem and Kareem Khan, Leila Boujnane and her cohort from Idee, David “Troublemaker” Crow, Jevon MacDonald of Firestoker and a host of others (if you were there and I missed you, please let me know).

Obligatory mesh blurb:

mesh is only a few weeks away, and we have tons of great speakers and panels (see the full schedule here), and tickets are going quickly, so get your butt over to the site and grab a few, etc. etc.

Reminder: mesh meetup tomorrow

It’s only a few weeks until mesh 2007 — you can find more info at the site, including the full schedule of speakers and times, and there are still a few tickets left here, although they are going quickly — but there’s still time for one last mesh social event. So tomorrow night, we’re having a mesh meetup aimed at the political end of the Web 2.0 spectrum.

So if you want to hang with some other poli-bloggers and get revved up about the mesh panel with Andrew Coyne, Garth Turner, Phil de Vellis and Scott Feschuk — which will be looking at how the Web is changing politics — this is your chance. It starts at about 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Charlotte Room, which is near the intersection of King West and Spadina in Toronto. There’s more details and you can sign up at the Upcoming page.

More mesh podcasts are up

At the last mesh meetup we had — at the Charlotte Room on March 28th — our good friend and podcaster extraordinaire Leesa Barnes was good enough to work her magic with a microphone once again, and we’re going to be posting some of the results at the mesh blog over the next little while.

First up is Parker Mason, who blogs at BlogCampaigning, who talked to Leesa about the differences between Web 2.0 in Australia vs. Canada; what surfing taught him about never giving up; and how social media affects political campaigns. The podcast is here.

Thanks again, Leesa.

Thanks to all who meshed

Another great mesh meetup last night at the Charlotte Room, complete with plenty of beverages, snacks, pool tables and great conversation. Thanks to all who came — and especially to podcaster extraordinaire Leesa Barnes, who brought her podcasting bag of tricks and hopefully caught some great ideas being born amid all the meshing.

Hopefully some photos will be making their way into various places — I know Rannie Turingan was taking some because I saw them on his Facebook group (it’s here if you are a Facebook user), and I saw Will Pate snapping some pics as well.

If you have some photos and they’re at Flickr or Photobucket or whatever, just send me an email at and I’ll link to them here — and over at the mesh blog as well — and if you have a blog post about it, feel free to do the same. Mark has some more details at Maple Leaf 2.0.

Come on out tonight and mesh

Spring seem to have hit Toronto with a bang, and that can only mean one thing: mesh is coming soon (check out all the details here). And that means it must be time for the next mesh social event, which is on tonight at the Charlotte Room on King Street just east of Spadina. Come on out for some cold beverages, warm food and conversation, maybe a little nine-ball or Boston on the pool tables, and some all-around meshing.

We’re planning to get started at about 6 p.m. and keep it going until they make us go home, so be sure to drop by and join us. All the details and some of the attendees can be found at the Upcoming page.

Anyone who came to the last mesh meet-up at the Irish Embassy knows that it was a blast, with about 100 people showing up on a rainy November night, complete with guest appearances by Darren “Problogger” Rowse, all the way from Australia, as well as the guys from ConceptShare (all the way from Sudbury), and many of the usual suspects as well. Leesa Barnes did a great job conducting a bunch of podcast interviews with folks such as Dr. Tony Hung and Bernie Aho, and we’re hoping she’s going to do some more this time.