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Herbert Heavenrich 10.16.08 at 11:01 am

In debate last night at Hofstra, re Health Care Plans Obama cited average cost of health plan at about $12,000. McCain claimed it was about $5,400 (or somewhere in that vicinity as I recall, but less than half the Obama figure.) This was important with respect to the gap between the $5,000 tax credit in McCain's plan to help pay this, vs. the $6,000+ gap if Obama's figure was correct.

I looked it up on the National Coalition on Health Care Site. Their document, citing 19 authoratative resources, stated that in 2007 average cost for a family of four (about the average size of the average family) was $12,100. Obama never bothered to dispute McCain's figure, which was apparently an outright lie, unless he was talking about average cost per person..but his plan benefits only the head of household.

daniel 02.14.09 at 9:02 pm

i would like for barack obama to write me an email me dan

Kiran0309 03.11.09 at 4:52 am

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edward 02.26.10 at 5:22 pm

You are still listed as Communities person at the Globe so perhaps you will read this returned email. –We are concerned about the Globe's description of this LAC project.
“Veterans” of course, are those men and women who survived military service, were demobilized back to civilian life, some living many years before passing on and being buried in our family plots here in Canada. Eg. Greg Clark was a CEF vet; son Murray a WW2 war dead (identity file on VAC's online only, interactive Virtual War Memorial project). Banting was a CEF vet and a WW2 war dead

- LAC website says: “Your teacher will assign.. the name of a service person inscribed on the cenotaph in your community. …
The service person's name assigned to you must be copied correctly, just as it appears on the cenotaph”.
– How many CEF “Returned Soldiers” aka War Vets, had their names recorded on the community's memorial for its 'Fallen' ?? Regards. Edward

–Being a latecomer, the Globe and Mail would not have a Great War Honour Roll re employee war deaths and/or staff joining up/conscripted. Did any such plaques, documents from the earlier Globe and M&E identities survive??

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