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At the mesh meetup we had at the Charlotte Room tonight, I ran into Jim Courtney of Skype Journal and he said he had just finished posting something interesting about the new Skype beta — and he was right. It seems that not only is the client being improved, but eBay is finally starting to [...]

I know that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Web 2.0 or anything like that — apart from possibly illustrating how a guy who used to help people download copyright-infringing music files can become a Hollywood-sized celebrity, complete with airborne scandal — but I couldn’t help noticing that Janus Friis of Skype and Joost [...]

After paying somewhere between $2.6-billion and a gazillion dollars (okay, $4.1-billion) for Skype about nine months ago, eBay finally seems to be getting around to doing some of the integration that everyone was talking about at the time. One of the most interesting possibilities is Skype-Paypal integration, as seen in a screenshot at Om’s blog [...]


And so we return to our story, to find our hero — the plucky little (or not so little) voice-over-Internet company Vonage — finally going public, after much back-and-forthing over the past year about when to issue stock and for how much, or whether to try and convince someone to take the company over. And [...]


Earlier this month, Skype announced that it had signed a deal with Intel Corp. which gives users of the company’s new dual-core chips added features when they make VOIP calls with Skype. Specifically, it allows them to engage in conference calls with as many as 10 people, compared with only five for the non-Intel version, [...]