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EU publishers sign deal with Google, but are they focusing on the right enemy?

A group of EU publishers is set to announce a deal with Google that includes a hefty "innovation fund," but they should probably be focusing on Facebook instead

A crowdsourced list of the top 50 cult movies

I asked my Twitter stream for some of their favorite cult movie suggestions, and here's what they came up with

The seven most interesting things in that huge Gawker-BuzzFeed interview

Gawker did an interview with BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti and editor Ben Smith about deleting posts, so I pulled out what I thought were the most interesting parts

Winter is coming: Print revenue could be headed for another cliff

Media watcher Clay Shirky argues that instead of a gradual decline, print readership -- and as a result, print advertising -- could be headed for a cliff

Facebook tweaks its algorithm again, news publishers could pay the price

Facebook's algorithm changes reinforce the fact that the site ultimately controls how news content is discovered and shared -- but publishers have no choice but to play ball