Next: A Simpson’s medical textbook

xin_3120704301027437122523.jpgI just love this story: an article on multiple sclerosis at Xinhua, the Chinese news site, used a “file photo” of an X-ray that happens to be a still image from The Simpson’s — namely, an X-ray of Homer’s brain. An editorial comment about MS patients? Unlikely. Tony Hung wonders whether it’s a cultural thing, and Joey deVilla at Global Nerdy thinks it might have something to do with the kind of animation used in Asian instruction manuals. I think the explanation is pretty simple: the image is number three when you do a Google image search for the term “X-ray.”

Yes, its the “dramatic chipmunk” meme

I seem to be in a video-posting kind of mood today. If you haven’t seen this one, it’s well worth watching — and it’s only five seconds long. For some reason, that’s all it takes to get a laugh out of this particular rodent (which isn’t actually a chipmunk, but rather some kind of gopher or prairie dog).


Never one to leave an Internet meme alone, Nick Douglas at Look Shiny (ex of Valleywag) has his own version, and so does iJustine, and Veronica Belmont, and Drew Olanoff of Scriggity. Thanks to Jackson West of NewTeeVee for those links. And for some reason, that surprised gopher reminds me of the guy in the David Blaine parody videos.