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Not my mother, of course — a freelance writer who was approached about a writing job at the flagship blog in Nick Denton’s sarcastic and bitchy media empire. He mentioned it to his mother, who summed up the site far better than I’ve seen anyone else do, despite plenty of effort: “Well, I had more [...]


Video: Shpigler advises Yahoo

by Mathew on February 13, 2008

Everyone has been giving Yahoo lots of advice on how to negotiate with Microsoft, but now it’s Shpigler’s turn. Pay attention. Click here if you’re reading this in a feed reader.

Just came across this, thanks to a Twitter post from Jason Calacanis: it’s a hilarious parody of the Tom Cruise video from a week or two ago, the one in which he was selling Scientology as the cure for all of mankind’s ills — the video that Scientology has been trying to get Gawker (among [...]


No, not Walt Mossberg. He’s still a big fan :-) I mean Walt White, the former unassuming high-school chemistry teacher turned drug-dealing outlaw, who made this video for me. He didn’t make it out of concern for my welfare, mind you — he made it after my friend Leigh Himel typed in some info about [...]


Virtually everyone thinks they’re funny — and the ones who think they’re the funniest are the ones who aren’t funny at all. Into that latter category, I would have to put the new “media satire” site 23/6 (which is apparently a play on the term 24/7 — but like the site itself, the name isn’t [...]