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Online auction behemoth eBay has decided to bring the fight over online classifieds to Craigslist’s backyard — even though it owns a 25-per-cent stake in the San Francisco-based site — by launching its Kijiji service in over 200 U.S. cities. Kijiji, which is just as hard to read as it is to say (it supposedly [...]


Google: “Hey girlfriend, I know you’re having a party on Wednesday, but I’m having a little bash thingy of my own that night — hope that doesn’t stress you out or anything. Love you — bye!” eBay: “Excuse me, but WTF? You knew I was going to have that party for months, and so you [...]


They’re baaaack. The rumours about eBay buying StumbleUpon have resurfaced, but this time it’s the Wall Street Journal that is breathing new life into the story — a tale that was sparked first by TechCrunch back in April. At that point, the site — which was created by Garrett Camp and two university friends in [...]

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Although it kind of got lost in all the hoopla about Google launching a customized search tool, Edgeio got financed to the tune of $5-million on Tuesday, in a round led by Intel Capital. Edgeio is the Web 2.0 classified service that Mike Arrington of TechCrunch co-founded along with Keith Teare, and remains a shareholder [...]


Win Ron Steen’s money

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Stock and bond traders are used to the idea of getting income from a future stream of earnings — established musicians have even sold financial instruments whose value is based on future sales of their classic hits or “back catalogue,” a product pioneered by David Bowie. So why not a “bond” based on the future [...]

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