Group Wants to use the Blockchain to Reinvent Journalism

This seems like an interesting — and also ambitious — project aimed at developing a kind of crowdsourced journalism infrastructure based on the crypto-currency Ethereum. Instead of a traditional advertising-based model, the group is proposing to monetize the project (known as Civil) using Ethereum “tokens” or virtual currency that could be exchanged in a variety of ways.

We propose a solution called Civil, an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that can be used to create “newsrooms” and “stations”?—?blockchain-based marketplaces where citizens and journalists form communities around a shared purpose and set of standards, financially support factual reporting and investigative work, and substantially limit misinformation through effective collaborative-editing methods. The net result is a self-sustaining global marketplace for journalism that is free from ads, fake news, a

Source: Civil: Self-Sustaining Journalism — Medium

7 thoughts on “Group Wants to use the Blockchain to Reinvent Journalism

  1. Yeah, I’ve had this idea for years. That’s the easy part. Getting consumers & news producers to use it is the hard part.

  2. Interesting concept. With each passing day, more people are finding creative ways to use cryptocurrency to buck traditional institutions.

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