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March 2015

Facebook's offer to news publishers is the classic Faustian bargain -- they would get a powerful ally and a huge amount of reach, but would lose control over their content


Everyone wants to get their news alerts onto the Apple Watch because it is the newest thing -- but media outlets need to think long and hard about this new frontier and what it requires
Was the business model behind Gigaom -- a combination of editorial, events and subscription research -- part of the reason the company failed, or was it the execution of that model?


There's been a lot of discussion of the debt load that helped drive Gigaom to the point where it was shut down, and some new documents from the SEC detail one of the loans in question
By now, we've all been subjected to a steady drumbeat of leaks and stories about ubiquitous spying by the U.S. security establishment, but we shouldn't allow ourselves to be overcome by surveillance fatigue