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February 2015

Are we living in a golden age for journalism, or is it the Dark Ages? There's nothing that gets a group of media types going like that question, which is kind of an updated version of a perennial favorite: "Are bloggers journalists?" Obviously, the kind of upheaval that leads to mass layoffs at papers like…
A new report from the Tow Center at Columbia University makes the point that news games and other entertaining formats are about more than just driving traffic -- they're about experimentation
In its continuing efforts to become more digitally savvy, the New York Times has changed the structure of its famous Page One meetings so that they focus on the web rather than the print version
In the current media environment, publishers aren't just up against the usual competitors -- they are also fighting platforms like LinkedIn, which are investing heavily in producing their own content
David Carr, the inimitable media writer for the New York Times, died after a long struggle with cancer, but he left behind a great legacy and many friends who mourned his passing, including me