Monthly Archives: February 2015

While others shut down comments, the NYT says it wants to expand them

While many sites are getting rid of or bad-mouthing reader comments as a haven for trolls, the New York Times says it wants to invest in its comments and find ways of making them better

The $19-billion question: Is Snapchat the new television?

Tech analyst Ben Thompson argues that one of Snapchat's biggest selling points to advertisers is how similar the content model is to one they already understand -- namely, TV

Medium gets a little more Twitter-like, and a little more blog-like

Medium, which has been known until now primarily for its long-form writing, has added new features that allow writers to post short, Twitter-style items and more blog-like activity

In the age of niche media, everyone still really wants to be mass

In a blog post, Purdue University doctoral student Frederik De Boer makes a good point -- too many new digital media outlets fail to differentiate themselves from their competition

Upworthy says native advertising is working better than expected

Upworthy, the viral-content publisher, says that its native advertising program is working better than it had expected, pulling in $10 million in revenue in the nine months since it launched