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January 2015

Ben Thompson, a technology analyst who set up a blog and subscription newsletter business, says he has built a community of paying subscribers and has a run-rate of $200,000 a year
Emily Bell, the director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, says journalists and digital platforms like Facebook need to find a way to work together
In an attempt to bolster its image as a reputable news organization, BuzzFeed has come out with an official standards and practices guide that covers things like taking selfies with celebrities
Several new-media entities have raised large financing rounds over the past year or so, including Vox, BuzzFeed and Mashable -- but can they grow fast enough to satisfy investors?
If you mention social-media platforms like Twitter or Facebook in the context of political uprisings in places like Turkey or Ukraine or Egypt -- or even the Occupy movement in the United States -- the person you're speaking to will likely either a) agree that they can be very powerful tools, or b) argue that…