I had the chance to be on a panel last Friday as part of TVO’s The Agenda, thanks to superstar producer and occasional blowgun-hunter Mike Miner (ask him about that last part, if you get the chance). Hosted by the reliably excellent Steve Paikin, the panel took a look at a number of recent topics, including the so-called “death of the web” — as predicted by Wired magazine’s trend-caller-in-chief, Chris Anderson — and the rise of the app economy.

Also on the panel were a pair of Jesses (one Jesse Hirsh, tech commentator, and one Jesse Brown, host of Search Engine) and Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School, the guy who pretty much invented the term “net neutrality,” and as it turns out a transplanted Torontonian. I really enjoyed the panel, so I’ve embedded the video here — not so much because I am in it, but because I thought some great issues were raised around things like the open vs. closed debate when it comes to technology, and so on.

Tim in particular made some excellent points about relying on private enterprises like Google to fight for openness and negotiate with totalitarian states such as China.

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  1. Matthew are you saying that is pointless to opt for the openness of an Andriod phone because of the phone provider constraints?

  2. i agree that open software has is and will triumph. gov't and money are obsolete..

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