The Agenda on privacy, taped live at mesh10

There were too many highlights from mesh2010 for me to pick a single one, but among the top moments on any list was the taping of a live version of TVO’s The Agenda with the always excellent Steve Paikin. TVO producer Mike Miner and I started talking about the idea last year, because we had always wanted to have Steve come and interview someone but it never seemed to work out — so Mike suggested taping a whole show there, and after much working out of details that’s exactly what happened. It was a fantastic show, with Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, consultant Alan Sawyer, the wonderful Joseph Menn (who did one of the keynotes at mesh), David Fewer of CIPPIC and yours truly. Thanks again to Mike and Steve and the rest of the TVO team for being such a pleasure to work with and for helping us make this a reality.

19 thoughts on “The Agenda on privacy, taped live at mesh10

  1. I guess that is a great thing that happened. Taping it is a very good alternative and this video is really good to watch as you'll learn from great speakers.

  2. It's fascinating to see how controversial this privacy issue has become, so thanks for posting the link to that tape Matt. Facebook is increasingly opening up it users for advertising purposes, essentially reacting to the trend that they themselves have created. has emerged and is reacting to that by allowing anonymous uncensored comments on individuals, so it's only a matter of time before privacy is either wiped out or something else happens. Canada has some really strict privacy laws and also less of a commitment to Freedom of speech, so I'm a bit worried about the First Amendment not being followed in America over the long run if politicians get their hands on the internet.

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