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March 2010

Choire Sicha, former editor of Gawker and now co-founder of The Awl, points out that the Gawker offices have a large screen mounted on the wall that shows the top most-read stories on the site in terms of unique visitors, allegedly to motivate writers at the blog network (although it's interesting to note that this…


Update 2: Felix now has his own response to Blodget's tirade, in which he makes many of the same points that I tried to make, including: Blodget should remind himself on a daily basis that publishers make money by selling readers, not adspace, and that if he’s going to make money, he’s going to have…


Updated: I enjoy a good debate about media-related topics pretty much any time, even when I'm supposed to be on vacation with the family in Florida. Today, in between playing shuffleboard and bocce and taking the kids to the swimming pool, I had a rousing back-and-forth on Twitter with Howard Owens -- who was formerly…


The Scarborough Sharks

by Mathew on March 6, 2010 · 5 comments

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